Windows Server offloaded data transfers (ODX)

Offloaded data transfers (ODX) support was added in release 3.0.53 of the storage virtualization software. As with VAAI, offloaded data transfers enables high speed copy operations by offloading the entire copy operation to the array. This feature is beneficial for virtual machine (VM) clone operations, significantly reducing host CPU and network utilization. Users of ESXi will notice the similarities with VAAI third party / full copy primitive.

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) on Linux

Introduction to LTFS

Starting with LTO-5 drives a new technology called Linear Tape File System (LTFS) was introduced which allows for accessing tape media through a file-system interface. This is acheived by partitioning the tape into two, namely the data partition and the index partition. While the data partition contains the user data, the index partition can be thought of the partition containing metadata about the user data.

Installing and configuring the lin_tape device driver on Linux

Download lin_tape and lin_taped

Download the latest lin_tape source rpm and lin_taped binary rpm for your Linux distribution. In this article we are working with RHEL/CentOS and we have the following files downloaded

sh# ls -1 lin_tape*

Build lin_tape source

As superuser rebuild the lin_tape source rpm

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